Universal Studios Japan Announces “Universal Wonder Christmas”

Universal Studios Japan has announced its “Universal Wonder Christmas.” Starting on 10 November 2017, the event promises a special Harry Potter projection show, interactive experiences, and a new high-tech Christmas tree!

A Magical Christmas

This winter brings a special Christmas version of Universal Studios Japan’s popular Harry Potter projection show. “Hogwarts Magical Night ~ Winter Magic” will see Hogwarts Castle transformed into a series of Christmas scenes, including an enchanting winter ball.

Christmas will also be in full swing in the already wintery Hogsmeade village, with a magical Christmas tree taking centre stage. Guests equipped with their Harry Potter magic wands can cast spells on the tree, bringing its lights and ornaments to life.

Across in the New York area of the park, the new high-tech Christmas tree makes its debut. The tree’s appearance constantly changes, with new colours and music throughout the day. Then in the evening, it becomes part of the special Christmas show, “The Angel ‘s Miracle III ~ The Voice of an Angel.

The park’s previous tree had the most lights of any artificial tree anywhere and was listed in the Guinness Book of Records four years running. So the new one has a lot to live up to!

In addition to the new tree, the minions will be donning their Christmas attire and getting a spectacular Christmas party started. Promising colourful balloons and confetti canons, the daytime event sounds as anarchic a Christmas party as you would expect from the minions.

Images and information from the Universal Studios Japan media release.

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