Universal Studios Japan Christmas 2018 – Details

Universal Studios Japan celebrates “Universal Wonder Christmas” with a festive entertainment, decorations, food and merchandise from November 9, 2018 – January 6, 2019.

This year’s Christmas highlights include the Hogwarts Magical Night projection show, Minions’ “Yellow Christmas“, and the finale of the park’s Christmas spectacular “The Gift of Angels III”.

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Hogwarts Magical Night

Hogwarts Magical Night at Universal Studio Japan

Hogwarts Magical Night
© Universal Studios Japan

The Hogwarts castle projection show returns for another season of magical transformations.

The show debuted at Universal Studio Japan last year and uses projection technology to bring Hogwarts castle to life with scenes inspired by the movies. Highlights include the blue Ford Anglia flying past and a Christmas waltz at the Yule Ball. For the finale, the audience can cast a “Lumos Maxima” spell and watch the castle light up.

The show has been upgraded this year with new effects and surprises.

If you’re visiting in the New Year there’s good news, Hogwarts Magical Night runs from November 9, 2018 – February 28, 2019.

Minion’s “Yellow Christmas”

Minion Hacha-Mecha Christmas Party at Universal Studio Japan

Minion Hacha-Mecha Christmas Party
© Universal Studios Japan

The Minions celebrate Christmas in the most chaotic way with the “Minion Hacha-Mecha Christmas Party”.  The daytime parade features the Minions in Christmas costumes inviting guests to join a manic dance party. Gru, Santa, and Elmo also make an appearance on the float which even launches yellow streamers and balloons into the crowd.

For the first time the park’s Minion-themed area, Minion Park, will undergo a Christmas makeover, with new decorations and a candy covered tree.

Christmas at Universal Studios Japan also includes

  • The Gift of Angels III Finale
    • The award-winning Christmas show returns for its tenth and final year
    • With live performers, flying angels, a Christmas choir, projections, and fireworks
    • Tickets to special viewing areas are available for ¥3,300 (premier seat) and ¥1,300 (normal seat). See the official website for how to book.
  • The world’s most illuminated Christmas Tree changes colour throughout the evening
  • Christmas Decorations in Hogsmeade
    • Magical Christmas Tree – use your wand to make the tree move or light up depending on which spell you cast
  • Christmas Greeting with the Minions in their Christmas outfits
  • Festive merchandise
    • Minions winter clothing and toys
    • Minions Christmas tree decorations
    • Snoopy’s Christmas plush badge and key chains
    • Fun Christmas items featuring Elmo, Snoopy, and Hello Kitty
  • Christmas snacks and Meals
    • Minions popcorn bucket with Bob riding a unicorn dressed as a reindeer! You have to see the picture below…
    • Minions Christmas cookie sandwich and savory bun
    • Chocolate Christmas Churro
    • Christmas Feast with chicken, roast potatoes and Brussel sprouts at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade
    • Hot butterbeer in Hogsmeade during the winter months
    • Italian Christmas menu at Lombard’s Landing
    • Premium Steak Meal at Parkside Grill

Images and information from the Universal Studios Japan website.

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