Universal Studios Japan – New Ticket Prices 2019

Universal Studios Japan has introduced a new ticket structure with varied prices depending on which day you visit.

The new prices range from ¥7,400-8,900 ($68-80 USD) for an adult 1-Day pass, compared to the old price of ¥7,900 ($73 USD). So depending on when you visit, the tickets could be slightly cheaper.

Child 1-Day passes will also vary depending on the date, while 1.5-Day, 2-Day, and season passes will remain the same price throughout the year. There’s also a new “Universal Annual Pass Light,” which is cheaper than the regular annual pass, but with more blackout/exclusion dates. Check out the details below.

Universal Studios 1-Day Pass Prices

Ticket TypeAdultChild (4-11)Senior Citizen (65+)
Ticket A¥7,400 ($68 USD)¥5,100 ($47 USD)¥6,700 $62 USD)
Ticket B¥8,200 ($75.50 USD)¥5,600 ($51.50 USD)¥7,400 ($68 USD)
Ticket C¥8,900 ($80 USD)¥5,900 ($54 USD)¥7,800 ($72 USD)

Check the Universal Studios Japan Price Calendar to see which ticket price applies to the day of your visit. The calendar will be updated for three months in advance.

The 1-Day passes are available on Klook, but make sure you book the right type for the day you visit (ticket A, B or C). Although the price is the same, we recommend using Klook to avoid the long early morning lines at the ticket booths.

Klook is an official ticket seller and you get your e-tickets instantly when you purchase. You can even get a $4 discount with our code KLKTDREX. That’s the price of a butterbeer!

Universal Studios Multi-Day and Season Pass Price

Ticket TypeAdultChild (4-11)
1.5 Day Pass¥12,300 ($113 USD)¥8,400 ($77.50 USD)
2-Day Pass¥14,700 ($135.50 USD)¥10,000 ($92 USD)
Universal Annual Pass (20 blackout/exclusion days)¥25,800 ($238 USD)¥17,500 ($161.50 USD)
Universal Annual Pass Light (70-75 blackout/exclusion days)¥19,800 ($182.50 USD)¥13,500 ($124.50USD)

To avoid confusion, the prices of multi-day and season passes will stay the same throughout the year.

The 1.5-Day and 2-Day passes are also on Klook. The annual pass can be purchased at the park by upgrading your regular day pass.

The blackout/exclusion dates for the two types of the annual pass can be found on the Universal Studios Japan website. Click “check” in the annual pass section.

Getting your tickets sorted is just one step in planning the perfect trip to Universal Studios Japan. To make sure your visit goes smoothly, check out our Universal Studios Japan e-book. Our travel guides have everything you need to know from the best times to visit, what hotel to choose, what to do, what to eat, and tons more! With nearly 2,000 copies sold, our premium guides have become an essential tool for Explorers!

Information from the Universal Studios media release and website.

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