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How to Buy Universal Studios Japan Park Tickets

If you’re visiting or live in Japan and are a fan of theme parks, Universal Studios Japan needs to be on your list of places to visit. One big issue, however, is buying tickets online in English. If you are able to read Japanese, buying them on the official website is simple, but if you don’t then that is where frustrations arise.

As of this writing, there are no options to buy park tickets in English on the official website. They do list information in English, but not the process of buying them. Don’t worry, I have a few options to save you the stress of trying to fumble through the Japanese website.

Don’t forget to read our travel guide to Universal Studios Japan to plan the perfect trip.

Ticket Prices

They offer a 1-day and 2-day tickets:

  • 1-Day Adult: ¥7400 (~$65 USD)
  • 2-Day Adult: ¥12,450 (~$110 USD)

Best Way to Buy Tickets & Express Pass

The absolute easiest & best way to get tickets online in advance is through Klook. They offer a 1-Day ticket and the option of buying your Express Pass (which I highly recommend). Use promo code KLKTDREX to receive a discount off your first order. Klook is an authorized reseller for Universal Studios Japan.

Klook also offers discount tickets for various other activities in Osaka, so make sure to check that out and use your promo code above to get your exclusive discount. For more on Express Pass (think of it as a paid FastPass) read our guide to Universal Studios Japan.

Buy Tickets at the Park


The easiest way to get tickets is at the park itself. While this is the easiest route, the downside to this is you waste time while you wait to buy the tickets. On busy days, every minute you waste in line is time lost in the park itself.

Convenience Stores in Japan

If you live in Japan or know someone who does, you have the option to buy your tickets and Express Passes at LAWSON. The process is only in Japanese, however. They run promos from time to time, so keep an eye out.

Annual Passport

If you plan on visiting the park many times throughout the year, then an Annual Pass is worth considering. You have the option of upgrading your 1-Day Ticket while you are still in the park. You also have the option of a VIP Annual Pass (with no blackout dates) for ¥34,800 (~$310 USD) or an Annual Pass (with blackout dates) for ¥22,800 (~$202 USD).

The number of blackout dates isn’t that significant, so unless you need to go on those dates, then saving yourself over $100 is worth it.

If you follow our advice above, you’ll be enjoying your Butterbeer in no time!


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