Updated TDR Explorer Premium Travel Guides are Coming in 2023!

Hey Explorers, it’s been quite a few years. The time has come when Japan allows tourists back into the country without needing to book with a travel agency or a tour package. That means you’re in planning mode for your trip to Japan; that can happen!

We’re ecstatic to welcome everyone back to Japan.

With travel resuming, the team and I have been busy pivoting our strategy. Since 2020, we’ve leaned into YouTube and video since our website took a massive hit when the borders shut. The shift to video allowed us to navigate the last few years.

We haven’t forgotten about our website and premium travel guide ebooks. I decided to wait to update significant parts of our guides until we knew when Explorers were allowed back into Japan.

With Japan reopening, we’re putting resources to work on updating our free and premium guides!

2023 Premium Ebook Travel Guides are March 2023

Re-designed and more streamlined information!

I’m excited to announce that we are working tirelessly on the 2023 versions of our Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan premium travel guides! They’ll release in March 2023!

The last versions of our premium ebook travel guides for Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan are from 2020. We created these guides before the world shut down, so their information is dated. They are still available if you wish to purchase them to support us.

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As things change rapidly for the theme parks and Japan, we decided it was best to wait and let the dust settle, so to speak, as, in the next few months, I expect a ton of changes will happen. So, we will monitor changes to provide the best-updated information.

Our guides are designed to work with different devices!

In the meantime, we have free guides for Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan to kick-start your planning. We’re working on updating those alongside our premium travel guides.

New and more detailed information in our books includes:

  • Fantasy Springs Expansion
  • Tokyo Disney Resort App
  • COVID-19 Guidelines
  • Barrier-Free
  • Dietary
  • Park Tickets
  • Vacation Packages & Hotels

More Ways to Plan

TDR Explorer Super Nintendo World Cover

We provide tons of free content on our website, YouTube, and TikTok. Here are a few other ways to plan and support us and our work!

YouTube Q&A Live Streams

I’m hosting Q&A live streams where I’ll answer questions about your travels to Japan and the theme parks. If you have a couple of questions, this is a way to get them to us!

Subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any announcements.


Once a month, I do a Patreon-exclusive live stream where it’s a smaller group of Explorers, and I can get to most people’s questions. We also hang out and talk about whatever you like!

One-on-One Travel Planning

Do you have a list of questions? I offer a one-on-one travel planning session where I sit down with you and help you plan the best trip based on your preferences and budget!

Our one-on-one travel planning is through Patreon.

Thank you, Explorers!

I am excited to see what comes next, and I cannot wait for you all to go on this exploration! I want to thank each of you for supporting us over the years, especially the last few years. Without your enthusiasm and support, I’m not sure where we’d be today.

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