Walt Disney World Family Vacation (September 7th) – Disney’s Animal Kingdom & Downtown Disney

Our 4th day in Walt Disney World – Today is Disney’s Animal Kingdom for Early Magic Hours! We arrived there shortly after park opening. Decided to enjoy our breakfast instead of wolfing it down this time. When we got there we made our way to Asia and rode Expedition Everest first. It was only a 10-minute wait so why not. Only myself and my youngest brother went on this one. The other two weren’t quite up for it just yet.

Tree of Life Photo!

Once we were done with that we walked all the way to Kilimanjaro Safaris. Again the wait times were very low since it was early morning. Our wait time was maybe 10 minutes at the most. The family really enjoyed the Safari and took quite a few photos ….

My what a long neck you have

Baby Elephant!

By the time we were finished it was close to show time for Festival of the Lion King. We quickly made our way over so we wouldn’t miss the beginning of the show. During the show one of the Tumble Monkeys made their way over to our section and stole my brother’s hat for a bit before giving it back. It was totally unexpected and he didn’t know what happened. We all had a good laugh at that. For those that haven’t seen the show here it is!

That's some awesome fire twirling

It was now time to meet Mickey and Minnie for the first time! My brothers were a bit nervous, I could tell they thought it was a bit childish to do this. Once we got up to Mickey they were all smiles and we got a great photo together.

We got to meet Mickey!

We then made our way over to Minnie. She was very fascinated with a number of pins I had on my lanyard. She really loved my Wooden Minnie Ears Pin. I thought she was going to steal it. We got a great family photo.

Our family got to meet Minnie!

It was now 1pm and everyone was very hungry! We all agreed on going to Pizzafarri for lunch. While they all grabbed food I went to grab FastPasses for Kali River Rapids, but they weren’t distributing them for that week. Found that out after running all the way over there, should have read the Park Map. Instead I went and grabbed FastPasses for Dinosaur, even though we really wouldn’t need them, I got them anyway.

Make sure to recycle while visiting!

It was really hot outside so we all took our time to eat our lunch and enjoy the nice cool shade. Once we were done we wanted to try out Kali River Rapids. This was the only attraction that day with a long wait time. It was about 40 minutes. My middle brother and I were the unlucky ones in terms of getting wet. We got completely soaked. The other two got wet but not head to toe. There was non-stop laughter and smiles the entire time we were going down that river. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, regardless of how wet we got.

Some iced cold Coca Cola ... with some dust on it

Next up was Dinosaur, we took our time walking there since we all wanted to dry off at least a little bit. Air Conditioning is much cooler when you’re soaked, it’s a known fact!

Now everyone was a bit tired by this point, but everyone wanted to check out Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade. Before grabbing a spot we all went and got nice ice cold beverages for everyone. My choice was the Iced Coke. Here in Canada we call them slushes. We got ourselves a nice shaded view for the parade!

While waiting for the parade I had a woman ask me if I spoke Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish so I politely told her no. She was the third or fourth person to ask me that question. I’m not sure but I guess I look like someone who would speak Spanish. It was rather amusing to me.

That was it for our day in the Animal Kingdom. It was close to 4pm and the park closes at 5pm so we figured we would head back to the resort for a few. Since it’s so humid we weren’t really dry from our little river ride a few hours earlier.

We got back to the resort and showered, rested, and headed out to Downtown Disney for dinner. We ate at Wolfgang Puck Express, since our Dinning Plan worked there. Our bill came to just over $90. By this point we have all made up our mind that the free dining was the way to go from now on. You really can’t beat that.

Our bill at Wolfgang - all free with our dining plan!

After dinner we went to the Pin Trading Post. I took photos of the 2011 Hidden Mickey Pins and decided that I would be on a mission for the rest of the trip to find as many as I can. I had about 30 pins to trade that I bought at the Las Vegas Disney Outlet store for $1.50. My youngest brother wanted to get in on the action and I gave him half of my pins to trade.

For those that do not know what Hidden Mickey Pins are, they are pins that only Cast Members are given and cannot be purchased anywhere. They will have a small hidden mickey on the pin to indicate that it is part of that series. They release sets every year. They are a lot of fun to find!

No trip to Downtown Disney is complete without a visit to World of Disney! It was a zoo in there, which is pretty typical. My brother and I did locate some Hidden Mickey Pins. Also I almost bought another Duffy the Disney Bear, but I only wanted the Halloween Costume. My brothers are into watches and were very tempted to buy a couple of the very nice Disney watches they had. Also who can resist going to the Lego Store?

Duffy dressed in his Halloween Costume!

Lego Store

While we were on our way to Pleasure Island we came across living statues doing various poses with people. It takes some practice to move the way these people moved. We also got some great photos.

Ah yeah!

Check this guy out

Random girls trying to scare the statue with their fists

DStreet was the next stop and I cannot go into that store without buying at least four Vinylmations. I grabbed some of the Urban Series 5 (they were on sale), and some random ones. Also picked up a Cars 2 Vinylmation set, they are adorable! The displays in this store are my favorite out of any of the stores in Downtown Disney. I really wish I could take the Mickey made out of Vinylmations and same goes for the table.

Cars Vinylmations

We did some more pin hunting and my brother and I found quite a few good pins! By this point the entire family was looking for Hidden Mickey Pins and helping us find more to complete our set. What a great family activity!

My first Hidden Mickey Pin!

My Pins I got in Downtown Disney!

Pins my younger brother got!

Once we were done we walked to the bus and headed back to the resort. It was a long but extremely fun filled day! Everyone was now really into the Disney spirit and couldn’t wait to go and see more! The next day we spend an entire day in Universal Studios and visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Hope you all enjoyed this part of the Trip Report! There is still plenty to come, so please come back soon!


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