Walt Disney World Family Vacation (September 8th) – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The only day that we leave the resort, and we have a very good excuse for this! My entire family are Harry Potter fans and there wasn’t anyway we were all going to be in Orlando and not go to Universal to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

We were only heading to Islands of Adventure since we knew we were going to spend the entire day at Harry Potter. Also everyone wanted to check out the Outlet Shopping once we were done.

The park opened at 9am so we were there right at opening so we could get as much time as we could there. We slowly made our way there and checked out the scenery as we made our way there.

We will be riding YOU later!

We finally made it! There was much rejoicing and complete awh! We were all blown away at how real the entire area looked. This is definitely a must for Harry Potter fans! We walked down the street just looking at everything. The first place we went to was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, before it got busy. Even being first thing in the morning, the area where everyone had to put their loose articles into lockers was a complete gong show. They could have done that a lot better in my opinion. But after that bit of frustration we walked through Hogwarts and my entire family loved it. It’s extremely detailed and gave me goosebumps of how real it looked!

Hogwarts Express

Snowy Rooftops!

Lots of Owls up there...

Diagon Alley!

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was a fun ride but it gave our entire family motion sickness. Mainly the sections where you are in front of a screen. As a family we are all prone to motion sickness. It wasn’t enough to make anyone sick but enough to make us all a bit dizzy for a while. It was still incredibly enjoyable and worth it to ride at least once!

Once our heads were clear my youngest brother and I went to Dragon Challenge, twice! We rode both sides and it was one heck of a ride! The queue was very detailed and Mom walked through the queue just to see everything.

That's where Ron parked the car.

The Goblet of Fire


You can’t visit Harry Potter and not have Butterbeer. The entire family got some ice cold Butterbeer and hung out in the Owlery while we enjoyed them!




Top of the Owlery


Olivander’s Wand shop was next! We waited about 30mins to see the wand show, which was very neat to see! Once the show was done we headed into the store to look at wands. They had wands for all the main characters and also non-wizard specific wands. It was very tempting to purchase one of these magnificent wands but I personally have no use for it and not enough room at home to put it anywhere. The robes and sweaters were a bit over priced for my taste so I passed on those too. Finally decided on a Gryffindor lanyard for $10.


Inside Olivander's Wandshop


Everyone was very hungry by this point and figured we would eat at the Three Broomsticks. The inside was very authentic and you felt like you were actually there. Our family decided on the Feast for $50. It included Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Roasted Vegetable, Ribs, and Potatoes. It was extremely delicious and everyone enjoyed it very much. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good meal while visiting!


Inside the Three Broomsticks

That's my thoughts exactly, a lot of food!

View from the top!


To allow our food to settle we went back to Hogwarts and instead of riding Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey we simply walked down another line so we could slowly walk through Hogwarts and check out everything! You just ask the person at the entrance to Hogwarts and they will point you to another line that is just for walking through Hogwarts. We got some great photos and my mother absolutely loved it! It’s worth the time to go through there instead of quickly running through the queue.


All the photos moved!

Dumbledore's Office

I had to buy a chocolate frog!


Once we were finished that it was rather busy in that area of the park so it was decided to check out the rest of Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. But before leaving I had to get myself another Butterbeer, frozen this time…



Everyone was pretty tired from being in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter all day that we just simply walked through and checked out everything instead of going on rides. We did stop at the bridge that over looks Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw and both my brothers and I spent about $3 worth of quarters to spray the people on the attraction that didn’t get wet at the end. One guy didn’t look too impressed since he was bone dry before we soaked him! It was quite the laugh we had!

Before leaving my youngest brother and I were brave enough to go on The Incredible Hulk Roller coaster. It goes so fast that before you figure out which way is up the ride is already over. It’s still great fun and the wait time was only 5 minutes!

We had a great time at Universal and visiting Harry Potter was obviously the highlight of the day since we spent most of our day there. It was everything we thought it would be and more. It was well worth the time and money!



Before heading back to the Resort we went back to the Outlet Malls to pick up more clothes. It’s hard to resist great deals that we can’t get back home. I got to have Starbucks, which everyone knows you can’t get while staying on property. Overall it was an excellent day, even though it was hot and humid and we were all sweaty.


See you again soon!

That’s it for our adventure to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! The next day we are heading back to the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. We have our second table service in EPCOT at Le Celier! Make sure to come back for all the juicy details!


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