Walt Disney World Family Vacation (September 9th) – Le Celier (Our most expensive dinner ever)

Now onto our sixth day in Walt Disney World! We started off our day at the Magic Kingdom and rode Pirates. It was our first time getting “stuck” on an attraction. We were left at the very end and sat in our boat for about 10-15mins before we got moving again. Once we finally made it back to dry land we did a little Pin Trading. By this point my brother and I were on the search for very specific Hidden Mickey Pins! We lucked out and found two different pins here.

Next up was Splash Mountain, my middle brother absolutely loves this attraction and is by far one of his favourites now. As expected we tried to make some funny unoriginal photos.

Our failed attempt at something original

Once we were done that we headed next door to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. My mom didn’t want to come on with and and decided to take sneaky photos of us while we were waiting in line. How she was able to spot us is beyond me.

Mom took a sneaky photo of us while we waited for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Before we headed to Tomorrowland I had to take my family to have Dole Whip, it’s by far one of my favorite treats to have and cannot pass it up! We all ordered one and they all loved it! Once you have Dole Whip you’ll always be back for more.

Family's first time having Dole Whip

Family Photo Time

On our way to Tomorrowland we ran into the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party. We watched it come down Main Street. Mickey did take note of my Duffy Ears I was wearing and complimented me on them! At least I thought he did.

Move it!

Chip N Dale!

Space Mountain was next up on the list! After everyone wanted to take a quick break and relax a bit. While we were sitting in Tomorrowland I was standing up and facing everyone. They started laughing at me for no real reason, I was drinking water so I thought I looked funny or something, I looked behind me and Stitch was behind me giving me bunny ears. When I caught him he pointed and laughed at me then ran away. Gotta love Stitch! On our way to Cinderella’s Castle we caught the talking garbage can! If you haven’t seen him before I suggest you do, it’ll be hilarious I promise!

Here we go on Space Mountain!

Next was the Dream-Along with Mickey in front of Cinderella’s Castle! Thankfully there wasn’t very many people there so we got a very good view of the show! It was very cute and catchy. I’m not one to usually complain but there was a group of people who were yelling and screaming for no real reason near the castle and was making it a bit difficult to hear some of the dialog during the show. At first I thought they were maybe cheering for the show, then I saw they were not even watching at all. Either way I really enjoyed the show!


Minnie Mouse

Minnie, Goofy, and Donald

Donald isn't exactly light to carry

After the lively show in front of the castle we took the long way to Fantasyland, meaning we went to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, of course I got the highest score (not that I’m bragging or anything). Everyone wanted to get a quick bit to eat before we headed to Epcot for our dinner reservation for Le Celier. We stopped at Pinocchio Village Haus. After that everyone wanted to check out it’s a small world. It’s one of those things you have to do at least once. Once we were done everyone said that once was definitely enough for them!

They look so serious!

Better take me serious cause of the ears

Fantasyland Expansion

Pinocchio Village Haus

You can see it's a small world from inside here

Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade was just starting as we got to Frontierland. We went to the same spot we watched The Main Street Electrical Parade a few days earlier (in front of The Liberty Tavern). I’m a huge fan of parades and we all rather enjoyed the parade. There was a young family beside us with daughter who was maybe two years old. When the Princesses were coming down the street she was waving to each and every one of them! It was incredibly adorable. The look on Ariel’s face was absolutely priceless. You can see it clearly in the video that I took! At around 4:11 you can see Chip pointing at me clapping for my Duffy Ears!

Mickey in Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade

Pinocchio and Jiminy!


Now it was time for us to head over to EPCOT so we can make our 4:30pm reservation for Le Celier! The plan was to take the Monorail but when we got to the main gates of the Magic Kingdom we saw that the Monorail was down so we had to take the Ferry to the Tickets and Transportation Center and hop onto the Monorail there.

We made it just in time for our reservation, despite the slight detour we had to take. This is by far the most fanciest dinner any of us have ever had! Our waitress was from Calgary, Alberta! Which is only about 6 hours away from where we live!

I got the Filet Mignon and it was by far the best steak I’ve had! It was delicious! My brothers wanted to share a Poutine, which was rather different tasting than the ones we have back at home. My mom loved her meal and wants to make sure we eat there again when we go back!

Our Table

Le Celier Menu

Filet Mignon

Steak and Fries!

Mmmmmm Poutine

Sherbert is what's for dessert

This was right behind us at our table!

After our delicious and filling dinner everyone wasn’t up for riding any attractions so we decided to tour all the Pavilions at a slow pace until it was time for Illuminations. We made our way through all the shops in every Pavilion as we made our way around. Took some time to get our photo taken with Belle and her autograph in the France Pavilion. Right before we had our photo taken with her a child was running around near the water where he wasn’t supposed to be. Belle stayed in character and politely told the boy that he was not supposed to be there.

We got to meet Belle!

The Pavilions were everyone’s favourite part of all the parks! Being able to see all the different cultures was a lot of fun and having the Cast Members from each of those countries really make it that much more authentic!

Canadians in Epcot!

It began to rain while we were in the Japan Pavilion. Hung out in the store for about 15mins to get the down pour finish. While we were there my brothers wanted to try some Japanese candy so I picked out my favourites (that I had when I lived in Japan). My favourite was Hi Chew and ended up buying a few packages of that for myself.

Flowers in Epcot

We had time for one attraction before we got a spot for Illuminations. Went and rode Maelstrom which luckily was only a 15min wait when we got there. Once we were finished it was up to 45 minutes. It was time to grab our spot for Illuminations and we got a nice view right outside of the Mexico Pavilion! We got our spot about 45 mins before the show and that was perfect timing!

Everyone loved the fireworks and said that they are going to have a hard time watching any other fireworks show that isn’t put on by Disney. They sure do spoil you with the shows! Before we left World Showcase my youngest brother wanted to buy a Poncho, so we went in there and got him one…

Shawn loves his new poncho

Once the poncho was in his possession we started making our way back to the buses. But before we left the park we had to see Spaceship Earth at least once! The family thought it was great and had a great laugh with the video that is made of you at the end. We then made our way to the bus and headed back to our Resort for the night!

Epcot at night

Everyone had a fantastic day and could not stop talking about the exceptional dinner we at at Le Celier. We have never been the type of family to go out to high end dining so this was really a treat! My mom was blown away with the quality of the food and also the price we paid for the four of us! It was well worth it and it’s a memory that we will all carry with us for a very long time or until the next time we visit.

When we arrived back at the resort we were pleasantly surprised at what Mousekeeping had done to our room….

How we found our room when we got back!


Mickey and Minnie are holding hands!

The next day we head back to Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney! Also our Aunty joins us for the rest of our vacation, she is one of the lucky people that lives relatively close to Walt Disney World (I’m super jealous). Thank you for reading and cannot wait to share our last two days in Walt Disney World on our First Family Disney Vacation!

Real soon!


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