Weekend Survival Guide at Tokyo Disney Resort

You decided to brave the crowds at Tokyo Disney Resort on the weekend? Even after reading all the warnings? Or maybe you want to see Tokyo Disney Cast Members at their best? Whatever your reason, our survival guide will save you not only time (maybe), but your sanity as well. Here’s our survival guide to the weekend at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Words of Caution

Crowds are no joke and can be rather intense, especially if you’re used to the US Parks. Being prepared and well informed will help you and your part make the most out of your day.

Arrive Early

If the park opens at 8am, then you better be waiting at the gates around 7am, and even then there will be a ton of people ahead of you. If you’re feeling determined, then 6am. You may think it’s silly now, but you will thank me later.

tokyo disney resort crowds weekends tdrexplorer

Arrive to Tokyo Disneyland early, just like everyone else. Even then, you’re still late!

Choose One Attraction for a FastPass

With the sheer number of people you aren’t going to get to do many of the major attractions without a 100+ minute wait time. Choose one attraction you want and either get a FastPass or get into the standby line at opening (depending how many people are ahead of you). By the time your next FastPass is ready, the others will likely be gone. This isn’t always the case, so you may luck out. Keep an eye on the mobile site (Japanese only, but use Google translate.)

Pooh's Hunny Hunt FastPass Weekends

Grab one FastPass as soon as the park opens. Even then you will likely be going into the afternoon for a return time.

Make Restaurants Reservations

If you’re staying at the official hotels, reserve your table ahead of time. If it’s a dinner show, you can reserve online. Otherwise, be sure to do it right after your first attraction in the morning. Even then, you may not get the time you want, but you may as well try! Be sure to read our guide to dining, and plan your meals with the restaurant menus for Disneyland and DisneySea.

Table at Sherwood Garden Buffet

Sherwood Garden Buffet at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is one of MANY places to eat at Tokyo Disney Resort

Be Prepared to Wait for Everything

Yes, waiting forever is never fun but that’s just how it is. So be prepared to be waiting for everything from food to even the washroom.

Big Thunder Mountain Standby Weekend Tokyo Disneyland

Standby for many of the attractions will be over 100 minutes

Bring Your Own Snacks

I don’t know about you, but I get grumpy when I’m starting to get hungry. With the long waits, bring some snacks to avoid you or someone in your party from turning into Grumpy. Snacks are OK to bring into the park, but if you try bringing a full meal, you will be asked to eat in the picnic areas just outside the parks.

Do Not Try to Do Everything (You’ll Become Frustrated)

You may not want to hear this but, you aren’t going to get to do everything. The waits will be long, and you will be exhausted before the day is over. Choose one or two things you absolutely must do. Anything else is a bonus!

Trying to do it all in a day will lead to frustration. Especially during special events. Frozen Fantasy this past year lead to crowded weekends.

Trying to do it all in a day will lead to frustration. Especially during special events. Frozen Fantasy this past year lead to crowded weekends.

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Visiting Tokyo Disney resort on the weekends can be stressful and it will be busy. But, if you are prepared you will still have a magical time. If you can visit on the weekdays, but if that isn’t possible then at least you’re now informed. Let us know what you do to survive a typical weekend at Tokyo Disney resort in the comments.

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