What I Learned Visiting Tokyo Disneyland on the Weekend

I recently visited Tokyo Disney Resort for the final weekend of Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy at Tokyo Disneyland. Typically, I would go during the week, but my job prevents me from doing so. Now, I know from experience that weekends at the resort are incredibly busy and nothing like the US Parks. I have been to Walt Disney World for New Years, and the weekend here are just as insane.

“A perfect storm” is the best way to describe why the crowds were insane. Nice(r) weather, spring break for school kids, the weekend, and the final weekend for Frozen Fantasy – it’s no wonder wait times were over 100 mins for most of the major attractions.

Well, it was an experience and here is what I learned.

Go Early and Be Prepared

This cannot be stressed enough. I hold a 2 Park Annual Passport, and one of the restrictions is I cannot get into the park if it’s at capacity (one park annual passport holders can get in most of the time, not always). I got to the park at around 7:40am and it opened at 8:00am. The crowds looked like this …

I was not in the park until about 8:40am. So, get there early and buy your tickets ahead of time. By early, I mean 1-2 hours before if you want to get those FastPasses.

Don’t Hesitate

You’re going to wait, for pretty much everything. That’s just how it is. So, if you are on the fence about waiting for One Mans Dream or Minnie oh Minnie, just do it. It will fill up.

Space Mountain Standby Weekend Tokyo Disneyland

Space Mountain Standby Weekend Tokyo Disneyland

I made the mistake of seeing the queue for the first showing of One Mans Dream II and thought “Oh, I’ll just check the queue for Minnie Oh Minnie.” I realized Minnie didn’t start for another hour, so decided to attempt grabbing Hunny Popcorn and going back to One Man’s Dream.

Big mistake.

The line for Hunny Popcorn was at least 50 people deep, so I skipped it. Then by the time I waded through the crowds, the first showing of One Man’s Dream II was full. I barely got into Minnie oh Minnie, and that was only because I was by myself.

Lesson here, seriously do not hesitate. You’ll end up not getting to do what you want.

Be Patient

I’ll say it again, you’re going to wait. From eating to buying a drink to getting FastPasses (if they haven’t run out). Be patient and be OK with the fact you won’t get it all done in a day.

Pooh's Hunny Hunt FastPass Weekends

Grab one FastPass as soon as the park opens. Even then you will likely be going into the afternoon for a return time.

Plan Ahead

Jungle Cruise Queue Tokyo Disneyland Weekends

Jungle Cruise Queue Tokyo Disneyland Weekends

All in all, it is hard to have a bad time at any Disney Park.  But visiting on weekends is a real test of patience.



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  2. Sandra W

    I will be out there in July. Due to our itinerary we will be going to Tokyo Disneyland either on Sun 7/17 or Mon 7/18. What do you think will be “worse” in terms of crowd? A weekend or a National Holiday?

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