What is Tanabata Days at Tokyo Disney Resort?

What is Tanabata Days exactly?  Tanabata is one of the many summer festivals held in Japan.  Each year, Tokyo Disney Resort holds a celebration to mark the occasion. For 2015, the celebration is held from June 24th to July 7th, 2015.

Tanabata is a Japanese Festival which is typically held on various days in July and August. Also known as the “Star Festival”, Tanabata (七夕, which means “Evening of the Seventh”) celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi. Legend says the Milky Way separates the two lovers and are only able to meet on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

Guests visiting Tokyo Disney Resort can enjoy limited merchandise, food, and unique entertainment. One of the highlights is seeing some of your favourite Disney Characters wearing the traditional Japanese Yukata, which you will only see during Tanabata. Guests can also enjoy writing down their wishes and hanging them up in designated areas in both parks. Your wishes become part of the decorations for the duration of the celebration! How awesome is that?

If you “wish” to learn more about Tanabata and all its offerings this year, then head on over to our Tanabata Days page for all the details.

Tanabata Wishes at Tokyo Disneyland

Ask a Cast Member wearing a Yukata for a wishing card. Write down your wish then hang it up for it to become part of the decorations!

Cast Members Wearing Yukata for Tanabata Days

Look for Cast Members wearing these beautiful Yukata.




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