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When to Travel

The biggest — and most stressful — part of planning your trip is the decision of when to travel to Japan and Tokyo Disneyland. You’re spending your hard-earned money on this trip, so you want to make sure your visit is at the best time based on your budget and interests. Our most popular guide explains the best and worst times to visit, which takes into account crowds, weather, and Japanese National Holidays.

Another reason is the seasonal events at Tokyo Disney Resort. Aside from events such as Christmas and Halloween, there are a couple of events which are unique to the resort.

Best and Worst Times to Travel to Tokyo Disney Resort

New Years at Tokyo Disneyland DisneySea

Spring at Tokyo Disneyland DisneySea

Tanabata Days at Tokyo Disneyland DisneySea

Summer at Tokyo Disneyland DisneySea

Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland DisneySea

Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland DisneySea

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