White Chocolate Popcorn Review

White Chocolate Popcorn is the latest limited flavour to come to Tokyo Disney Resort. You can purchase it in both of the parks! Check the english park map for the locations.

What Is Inside

The popcorn itself looks like normal popcorn with no crazy colours, but looks are rather deceiving.


Unless you use one of the many popcorn buckets, you get the standard red popcorn box. So, if you want cute popcorn make sure to pick up one of the seasonal buckets!

Christmas Popcorn Bucket

You can even get it in a collectible bucket for Christmas.

Christmas Popcorn Bucket

The top of the bucket has Mickey and Minnie as Christmas Cookies to match the theme of this years merchandise between the two parks.

How is it?

I was expecting the white chocolate to be overpowering but was rather surprised. It was a nice subtle flavour. The white chocolate was just flavoured syrup spread over the popcorn. So, the texture was that similar to caramel popcorn.

Should You Get It?

White Chocolate Popcorn

You can find the popcorn carts in Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland Parks for a limited time.

This limited popcorn is a nice change from the standard (by Tokyo standards) flavours in the parks. While it does not add anything overly exciting, it is just in time for Christmas. If you’re a fan of white chocolate and subtle flavours, then you’ll want to pick this up. If you’re into more bold flavour then skip this one. Try the Curry or Soy Sauce popcorn instead.

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