Whoops, we messed up but we’re back!

Good morning fellow readers (or good evening depending on which part of the world you are in!). We recently updated our plugin that manages the TDRNow podcast. Which broke the links to the podcast on Stitcher, iTunes, and Feedburner. Resulting in you unable to enjoy our podcast. We have corrected the issue and you will be able to enjoy our latest episodes once again.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by our little mess up. Thank you to all our loyal listeners and readers for your continued support, it’s what makes doing our podcast and website a rewarding experience. If you are new to our podcast, you should really check it out. Listen to it on the way to work, school, or when you’re on the plane to Tokyo!

Alright, for those that want the technical explanation as to what happened. We updated our Seriously Simple Podcast (If you run a podcast, we highly recommend using it) plugin to the latest version, which had some changes to the permalink URL structure. Then our caching plugin W3 Cache was caching these URLS after one person would visit the URL, which would some reason point to our main domain of tdrexplorer.com. Thus when requesting an episode it would not be able to find it. So, we added “podcast-download” to the ignore list in the cache. Which corrected the problem. Lesson learned here? Running websites is tricky business.


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