Why Halloween Is the Best at Tokyo Disneyland

As part of Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland Park, guests are allowed to wear Disney Costumes. This is only for the first and last weeks of the Halloween event. Japanese take their costumes very seriously, we briefly talked about it on our podcast TDR Now. Some guests will spend months creating the perfect costume. Halloween has recently become quite popular in Japan, so it makes sense as to why this is allowed in the parks.

Because of this it makes for a magical atmosphere in the park. You can feel the love for Disney radiate from all the fans who are dressed as their favourite character. From children to adults, everyone puts their best foot forward. It is something any Disney fan should truly experience at least once. The costumes and atmosphere is why Halloween is the best at Tokyo Disneyland.

Here is a video from JSAKE70 that captures the magic of Halloween and the beautiful costumes at Tokyo Disneyland Park.

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