Winter 2023 Limited Menu at Kirby Cafe Tokyo

Winter is here at Kirby Cafe! Enjoy the charming world of Nintendo’s Kirby with the “Kirby Cafe Winter” menu, available at both Kirby Cafe TOKYO and Kirby Cafe Hakata. Delight in limited-time offerings inspired by the charming world of Kirby from now until February 29, 2024.

The new menu features “Kirby’s Snow Wreath Salad,” a wreath-shaped mashed potato dish with veggies and salmon, hot cabbage rolls served in a Kirby mug in a chef’s hat, and a Winter Kirby Burger & Pasta with Powdered Snow Cheese. Desserts include a delicious “Whispy Woods Apple Pie” made with plenty of apples received from Whispy Woods.

In addition to the delicious winter food available, Kirby Cafe will also offer original goods including pouches and mini bags with the “Kirby Cafe WINTER 2023” design.

Advance reservations are required to visit Kirby Cafe. Bookings can be made through the official Kirby Cafe website. Be sure to book early as reservations for the next month’s seatings are made available at 18:00 on the 10th of each month.

Source: Kirby Cafe

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