Zootopia Expansion Construction Update at Shanghai Disneyland (May 2020)

With all that’s been happening in the world this year, I can forgive you for temporarily forgetting that there’s a Zootopia land coming to Shanghai Disneyland. It was announced back in January 2019 and we haven’t heard much since.

With the recent reopening of Shanghai Disneyland, we’re able to see a bit more of what’s happening with the construction. While it’s not much at this point, the construction walls are exceptionally adorable!

With so many different projects coming to theme parks in Asia, there are tons of reasons to look forward to future trips. That’s when we’re able to travel again.

Zootopia Land Construction Photos

There isn’t much to see at this point, still, but there is a crane. That’s something right? This new Zootopia land is going in the north part of Shanghai Disneyland by the two Winnie the Pooh attractions.

Photos were taken by our Shanghai Explorer, Poppy.

The different sized doors on the walls are my absolute favourite!

Watch our video below to see more about the construction at Shanghai Disneyland.



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  1. Nrthwnd

    Knowing you meant to say “DisneySea” at the end, for Fantasy Springs’ opening (instead of WDW), is fine by me, Chris. (o; That said, I guess the next thing we’re all going to be wondering about is…what will this attraction be made of, contain, etc? And nice full pandemic facial hair there too, heh. (o; Thanks to you and POPPY for the update!

  2. Drake Frost

    Hah, thanks for the post. I am also a true Disney fan. And I think that it will be grand and interesting. The stump is clear that it will most likely be something interesting and not quite familiar. But it would be interesting to see all this, so to speak, behind the scenes of production. Therefore, I am looking for some insider information about this and I think that something would have to be highlighted on this object. I thought this month I’ll manage to fly in, but unfortunately they haven’t yet opened an air service.

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