Zootopia Expansion Coming to Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disney Resort has announced that a brand new Zootopia-themed expansion will begin construction this year.

The first-ever Zootopia land in any Disney Park will include a state-of-the-art attraction which brings the world and characters of the movie to life.

Details are limited, but the announcement teases brand new “entertainment, merchandise, and food and beverage offerings.” While the concept art features the Zootopia Police Department HQ, a shopping street, and guests sporting Gazelle horn headbands.

Zootopia Concept Art
© Disney

Zootopia is the perfect choice for a new land at Shanghai Disney Resort. It will add another unique attraction to the resort and capitalise on the movie’s huge popularity in China. Zootopia holds the record as the all-time highest-grossing animated feature film in China, and the Disney Store there continues to release new merchandise.

The Zootopia land will be the second new area added to Shanghai Disneyland since it opened in 2016. The first addition was Toy Story Land, which was announced in November 2016 and opened in April 2018. Given the promise of a “major attraction,” Zootopia will likely take longer than 17 months to build.

Explorer Thoughts

How excited are you for the new Zootopia land at Shanghai Disney Resort? What do you think would make the perfect Zootopia attraction?

Information and image from the Shanghai Disneyland media release.



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  1. SweetCaroline74

    Wow! I love Zootopia and I feel it’s not represented enough in the US parks. I thought visiting SDL was a one and done thing but I might need to go back for a repeat visit 😉

  2. Wuzefelix

    Awesome! I am soooooo happy it’s something unique to Shanghai Disneyland. Recently Disney is cloning too many attractions in multiple parks for my liking. There have been rumors about them looking into building a copy of Pandora World of Avatar in Shanghai. I’m relieved to hear they have instead opted for Zootopia now. Hopefully it’s a dark side, maybe using the test track ride system. A Zootopia version of Radiator Spring Racers would be amazing and it would be the perfect addition to the park. Now let’s just hope it’s not the Avatar ride system with a 3D motorcycle ride through Zootopia…. That would be lame. Real sets and animatronics are always Superior, just look at Tokyo’s Beauty and the Best ride.

  3. Nrthwnd

    Oh… I think is the game changer for me – whether to try and get to ShDL or not. So amazing to be able to walk into a Disney metropolis like this. Easily outweighs my wanting to see Galaxy’s Edge, IMhO. (o;

  4. MKW 002: Disney Memories | The Ghost Hosts, LLC

    […] In the second major expansion in the parks history, Shanghai Disneyland is getting a new Zootopia themed land. Construction will begin this year and will include a state-of-the-art attraction that brings the characters and world of Zootopia to life. There will also be new entertainment, merchandise, and food and beverage offerings. Shanghai Disneyland is the perfect location for this expansion as Zootopia is the highest grossing animated feature film in China. – https://tdrexplorer.com/zootopia-expansion-shanghai-disneyland/ […]

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