Zootopia Skyline Starts to Take Shape at Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disney Resort has provided a sneak peek at the upcoming Zootopia-themed land currently under construction at the park. First announced in 2019, the Zootopia land expansion will be the second new area added to Shanghai Disneyland since it opened in 2016, following the addition of Toy Story Land, which opened in 2018.

The latest construction photos offer a look at the growing Savannah Central skyline, featuring two super high-rise buildings being installed on the top of the show building for the land’s major E-ticket attraction. One of the towers is covered with red stripes, inspired by tiger stripes.

The significant Zootopia expansion is set to include a state-of-the-art attraction that brings the movie’s world and characters to life, alongside highly themed entertainment, merchandise and more.

Former Disney Imagineer, Morgan Lee Richardson has provided his thoughts on the construction, providing a great insider perspective of the project.

Earlier this year, Disney Imagineering provided a sneak peek at two of the animatronic figures set to feature in the untitled Zootopia E-Ticket. Figures include polar bear Kevin and Yax the Yak.

Images from Shanghai Disney Resort

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