Couch Surfing in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture (高崎市群馬県)

We are now in Takasaki, Gunma which is two hours north west of Tokyo. We are couch surfing with an awesome host right. She’s super fun and is really easy going. What a great way to start off our couch surfing experiences!

There’s not a whole lot to do up here in Takasaki. There are a few malls that we’ve checked out and you can climb the side of the mountain near here. It’s a nice change from the busy streets of Tokyo.

We went out for supper with our host and a couple of her friends. We all headed to CoCo Curry which was really really good. I felt sorry for the guy that served us since he got our order wrong the first time and we tried to explain to him what we really wanted. After that it took 5 of us to figure out how to use the japanese parking meters. You pull up over this metal pad and it lifts up to keep your vehicle from driving away without paying.

Another restaurant we visited was a conveyer belt sushi place. If you order special sushi from the touch screen it will be delivered to your table by Shinkansen (bullet train). Here’s the video:

The one shopping centre is in the train station so that’s where we spent a lot of our time. They had everything in there even a Starbucks and McDonald’s. Also somehow half a floor that was between floor 2 and 3.

Iced Coffee!

We went through the cell phone and stereo section. They vast number of models and colours is outstanding and overwhelming. When we get a model of phone we get to chose from 1 or 2 colours. Not here. Same goes for the stereos.

There's even Disney phones.

I also got to complete my Lord of the Rings Japanese DVD collection. Back when I lived here in 2003 I bought The Two Towers on DVD when it was released. I bought Fellowship of the Ring and Return of the King used for roughly $15 a piece. I’ve tried cutting down on buying useless media but this is an exception.

We also came across this while we were looking for sunscreen and body wash. I didn’t buy any but I was totally tempted to:

The labels say it all.

I forgot about our adventure videos in Akihabara too. We found some fighting toys and a wall of monster toys. The videos explain themselves.

Tonight we are heading back to Tokyo and going to be with our second host. We are planning on going to Tokyo Disneyland in the next few days as well. There will be TONS of photo and videos from there that’s for sure!


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