Sneak Peek at Duffy and Friends Christmas 2017 Merchandise

Yeah, I know, we aren’t even done with summer yet and we’re already talking about Christmas. There’s still Halloween to get through! But, we know some of the new Duffy and Friends merchandise that is coming for Christmas 2017 at Tokyo DisneySea and I wanted to share a little sneak peek with you fellow Explorers.

This year there are two themes for the Duffy and Friends items, Nutcracker and Ice-Skating. Which makes for some of the most adorable outfits I have seen recently. I mean, just look at Gelatoni and StellaLou! Once we have a full list of items, you bet we’ll have it up on the site for you.

The Nutcracker-themed items go on sale November 2, 2017, while the Ice Skating items are available October 23, 2017.

Duffy and Friends Nutcracker Outfits

Don’t know about you, but I think I need that Gelatoni outfit!

Gelatoni Nutcracker Christmas 2017

© Disney

StellaLou Nutcracker Christmas 2017

© Disney

ShellieMay Nutcracker Christmas 2017

© Disney

Duffy Nutcracker Christmas 2017

© Disney

Duffy and Friends Ice Skating

StellaLou Ice Skating Christmas 2017

© Disney

Gelatoni Ice Skating Christmas 2017

© Disney

ShellieMay Ice Skating Christmas 2017

© Disney

Duffy Ice Skating Christmas 2017

© Disney

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