31 Must Have Funny Monster Merchandise from Tokyo Disney Resort

This year there is a new line of merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort for Halloween. Simply titled “Funny Monsters, where they feature the main Disney Characters dressed at various classical monsters. Here are our must have Funny Monsters merchandise, which is now available at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea until October 31st. If you enjoy these make sure to check out the exclusive merchandise for Disneyland and DisneySea.

Clothing & Accessories

Minnie Mouse Spider Web & Funny Monster Hairband

The amount of cute items is never in short supply. Want to be subtle with your outfit, then these are for you.

Funny Monsters Tote Bag

This year Tokyo Disney Resort is doing a Funny Monsters theme with some of the merchandise. This tote bag has a great pattern of various Disney Characters as monsters.

Funny Monsters Pencil Case

Love the pattern for their Funny Monster series for Halloween. This pencil-case would go perfect with the tote bag.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Hat

If Zombie’s are not your thing, then get the adorable Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Hat

Zombie Goofy Funny Monster Hat

For the not-so-subtle approach is the Zombie Goofy hat. Goofy, indeed.

Vampire Mickey, Mummy Donald, and Zombie Goofy Keychains

All the guys are here, in their monster forms.


Funny Monsters Plastic File Folder

Funny Monsters Plastic File Folder. Because you need your documents cute.

Funny Monsters Postcard

Funny Monsters Postcard


Funny Monsters Wreath

This one is a bit odd, but its a wreath with all your favourite Disney Characters as monsters. Hang this on your door.

Funny Monsters Disney Resort Cruiser

Funny Monsters Disney Resort Cruiser

Ghostly Women’s Clothing

White Minnie Mouse Ghost Shirt

If purple is not your colour, then make sure to get the white version.

Orange Mickey Mouse Ghost Shirt

Or if you are a fan of Mickey then this pumpkin orange shirt is perfect.

Vampire Mickey & Witch Minnie

These by far are our favourite picks out of all the merchandise this year. Simple, yet unique.

Witch Minnie Mouse Halloween 2014 Makeup Pouch

Make up bag with Minnie as a Witch. That’s all you need to know.

Vampire Mickey Mouse Halloween 2014 Toiletry Bag

Of course there is a Mickey version, but we won’t call this a make-up bag. Just simply a toiletry bag.

Mickey & Minnie Spoons

Use these Mickey & Minnie Spoons with your favourite dessert.

Vampire Mickey Themos

Even vampires need a place to store their blood for their commute.

Vampire Mickey & Witch Minnie Clothing

Minnie Mouse Witch T-Shirt

This goes perfectly with your Minnie Mouse plush. You need to match don’t you?

Vampire Mickey T-Shirt

You need this shirt to go with your plush. There is no question.

Vampire Mickey Sweat Shirt

Even vampires need to keep warm sometimes.

Vampire Mickey Towel

Wipe off that sweat from all the running from the skeletons at DisneySea

Vampire Mickey & Witch Minnie Accessories

Vampire Mickey Mouse Tote Bag

Vampire Mickey Mouse Tote Bag

Minnie Mouse Witch Totebag

If you’re getting the plush and t-shirt, you might as well complete the set and get the tote bag too.

Vampire Mickey Ears

Not sure how to explain these, but they are essentially Mickey Ears, but without the ears.

Minnie Mouse Witch Hat

Naturally, there would be a witch hat for you to wear. Remember to take it off during performances!

Vampire Mickey & Witch Minnie Collectibles

Vampire Mickey and Witch Minnie Pins

For all the pin collectors out there, you simply cannot miss these.

Mickey & Minnie Matching Keychains

An him and her” set of key chains to hang off your brand new iPhone 6. They keep with the vampire and witch theme. Absolutely adorable.

Mickey & Minnie Matching iPhone Cases

These cases are bit higher quality and different design than the summer cases. Much prefer these. Again, keeping with the vampire and witch theme.

Vampire Mickey & Witch Minnie Plush

Vampire Mickey & Witch Minnie Plush

By far our favourite plush this season. These are simple, yet very well done.

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