Robot Operated Hotel Opening Near Tokyo Disney Resort

Ever wanted to visit the robot hotel in Nagasaki, Japan? You’re in luck, the infamous Henn-na Hotel (“Strange Hotel”) is opening another site by Maihama Station—where Tokyo Disney Resort is located—March 2017.

The concierge is manned by velociraptor and a human robot. After check-in a droid takes your luggage to your room. It’s as crazy as it sounds.

Reservations are through their official website but do not list the new site just yet (Only the Nagasaki-based hotel). Instead of staying at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, why not stay at a hotel where you are greeted by a robot velociraptor? Sounds like a fantastic way to spend your time in Japan!

check in droid luggage

Information and images from the official Hen-na Hotel website & Timeout Tokyo.

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