Check Tokyo Disney Wait Times with the TDRNow Web App

This web app is no longer online. The easiest and most accurate way to check wait times is through the official website in English on your mobile device.

Checking wait times for Tokyo Disney Resort – in English – has always been troublesome. Most apps and websites are in Japanese (including the official mobile website), with very few available in English. We decided to solve this issue by creating a simple website application for English speakers.

We are thrilled to announce our newest resource TDRNow Wait Times website to make your trip to Tokyo Disney Resort even easier and more enjoyable! Our website (aka web app) is optimised for mobile devices and enables you to check times while exploring the Parks!

This simple website application displays the wait times for both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea in English, which you can check on your smartphone anytime you are in the Parks.


TDRNow Tokyo Disney Resort Wait Times App

We created features to make checking wait times quick and easy. This way you can focus on what really matters, knowing when the wait time for Pooh’s Hunny Hunt is below an hour!

Features include:

  • Current weather conditions
  • Park Hours
  • Passports offered (Tickets)
  • Wait times for both Parks
  • Quick switch (switch between parks quickly)
  • Refresh times
  • Favourites list

We have plans for many more features in the future, along with a native iOS application.


Follow our tips to get the most out of the web app!

Add app to your home screen

Add the web app to your home screen on your device! Doing so will show an icon on your home screen and making it quick and easy to launch the app.

Add Web App to your Homescreen on iOS

Click to watch how to save the web app to your home screen in iOS

Change weather from Celsius to Fahrenheit

By default, the weather is displayed in Celsius, which is the measurement used in Japan. If you prefer Fahrenheit, we’ve got you covered. Simply tap on the weather and it will magically convert for you! If you want to switch it back, just tap it again.

Change the weather measurement TDRNow

Click to watch how to change the weather from Celsius to Fahrenheit

Save your favourites

When you load the wait times for either Park, all the attractions are listed by land or port. You can save your favourites by tapping on the heart icon beside the attraction name. Then to display the list, simply tap on the heart icon on the top right of the screen. Voila!

TDRNow Save Your Favourites

Click to watch how to save your favourites

Switch between parks

Want to see the wait times for the opposite Park? While you are viewing times for one Park, you can quickly switch to the other by tapping on the double arrow icon at the top!

TDRNow Switch Between Parks

Click to watch how to switch between Parks quickly

Refresh wait times

When you return to the app after a period of time, you want the latest data, right? Instead of refreshing the page (who has time for that?) simply hit the refresh button, the circling arrows in the top menu, and we will grab the freshest wait times for you!

TDRNow Refresh Wait Times Tokyo Disney Resort

Click to watch how to refresh the wait times without reloading the page


If you have any feedback, issues, or suggestions, please let us know via email or in the comments! We will continue adding more features and addressing issues.

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  1. akagai

    So – Where do we get the app?
    There seems to be no Download button.
    Many links are to broken pages.

  2. Chrissy D

    Hi Chris,

    This is Chrissy from North Vancouver, BC – a fellow Canadian! I’ve been binge-listening to all your podcasts the last few weeks as we prepare for our trip to Japan and TDR in March 2018. THANK YOU (and Patricia) for all the amazing, helpful, funny content you share so generously.

    I was so excited to hear about this web app on one of your podcasts. I tried it on my iPad and it works beautifully. Sadly, it’s a little glitchy on my Android phone. It appears none of the links that bring you to other pages work. You can click on them, but they don’t do anything. So, for example, on the main page, when I click on the TDS or TDL buttons, nothing happens.

    I’ve found a workaround by long-pressing then opening a new tab – then the link will open in the new tab. The favorite buttons work, so that’s great!

    I’d really love to see it fully functional, and really hope it will be by the time I get to TDR. I can see how it’ll be super-useful once I’m in the parks. For now, I’ll use it just to get a feel for wait times for all my favorite rides.

    To close off my comment, I’ll leave some positive feedback too: I’m a graphic designer, and I give this app two thumbs up for the design! It’s beautiful! I also love how you’ve broken up the rides into lands – so much easier to navigate instead of looking at a long list. Being able to favorite attractions is another HUGE plus – great idea to add that!

    Thanks again for all that you do. I’ve learned so much about TDR and Japan in general from your podcast. You provide such valuable info for us English-speaking Disney fans! Can’t wait to see everything you and Patricia talk about in person. Until then, I’ll be downloading and listening to all your awesome podcasts!


  3. TDR Explorer

    Morning Chrissy,

    Thank you for the feedback. I hope to have an android version in the near future here, so keep an eye out for that!

    Thank you so much for listening to the podcast! Love hearing that we are making your planning easier and entertaining.


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