Mike Wazowski Melon Pan (Bread) Review

The infamous Mike Wazowski Melon Bread (also known as Melon Pan in Japan) is a snack staple at Tokyo Disneyland. Read any review or watch any vlog and I guarantee the Mike Wazowski Melon Bread is mentioned and devoured. It’s perfectly paired with the Green Alien Mochi.

Is it worth the hype? What does it taste like? Also, where can you find it at Tokyo Disneyland?

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Melon Pan

Mike Wazowski Melon Pan Case and Bread Takeaway

Melon bread (aka melon pan) is a popular snack or meal for many in Japan. It’s a soft sweet domed-shape bread that looks like rockmelon.  They’re easy to find anywhere from convenience stores to specialty shops. It’s one of those must-try foods while travelling or living in Japan!

Tokyo Disneyland took it upon themselves to create a snack that is not only cute, immediately recognizable, but also sharable on social media.

They did just that.

Mike Wazowski Melon Pan

Mike Wazowski Melon Pan Bread Front

To get your hands on the infamous Mike Wazowski head to the Sweetheart Cafe in the World Bazaar for ¥300 (US$3.00) or sometimes you’ll find them at the Refreshment Corner too. It’s light, fluffy, and downright perfect in its presentation.

The pairing couldn’t be any more perfect, melon bread is usually a hue of green and we all know that Mike Wazowski is a round green monster. It couldn’t get any more perfect than that!

How does it taste?

Mike Wazowski Melon Pan Bread Inside

If it’s your first time having melon bread, you’re not going to be disappointed. It’s sweet, fluffy, and a simple meal if you choose. And yes, it does taste like melon (or cantaloupe). There’s certainly better tasting melon bread throughout Japan, especially if you head to a specialty shop. With that said, for theme park food it’s top-notch and there’s a good reason why it’s on everyone’s list.

Mike Wazowski Melon Pan Souvenir Case

On August 11, 2020, Tokyo Disneyland released a special souvenir case in the shape of Mike Wazowski Melon Pan. For ¥1,200 (US$11.00) you’ll get the Mike Wazowski Melon Pan and it’s matching souvenir case (pouch). It’s absolutely adorable and I wouldn’t expect anything less.

It’s at the Refreshment Corner in the World Bazaar and Food Stall in Tomorrowland. I’m not sure how long this will be around for, as with many things at the Resort.

Have you tried the melon bread? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to check out our dining guide for more on food and snacks at Tokyo Disney Resort.

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