Legoland Japan Welcomes 1 Millionth Visitor

Legoland Japan is celebrating 1 million visitors since opening in April 2017, bringing some welcome good news for Japan’s newest theme park.

Legoland Japan is located in Nagoya — in the chūbu region of Japan between Tokyo and Osaka — and is Lego’s eighth theme park, and second in Asia, after Malaysia.

It’s been a mixed year for Legoland Japan, with the park’s admission cost proving controversial. At the time of opening a child’s ticket was ¥5,300 ($50USD), that’s ¥500 ($5USD) more than Tokyo Disneyland’s child ticket! Considering Legoland’s target audience is children aged 4-11 and it is a much smaller park than Disneyland, it was no surprise that the high ticket prices provoked negative press coverage in Japan.

However, the park has fought back with discounted tickets for families and early booking promotions. The special August pass even allowed unlimited entry for the pass holders and two guests.

The park has now passed 1 million guests just over five months after opening, but it will have to maintain visitor numbers throughout the winter to reach its target of 2 million guests in its first year.

To keep up the momentum Legoland’s first seasonal event, the “Brick-or-Treat” Halloween celebration, has just started. The event brings spooky lego decorations, new merchandise and an update to the park’ s daytime entertainment. Later this year the park will also host a special Christmas event.

After a tricky start, it’s great to see the park is on target for a successful first year, but there’s still a way to go before Legoland can call itself an undeniable success.

Information from the Legoland Japan press release as well the Japan Times.

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